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" Medina Network's staff?is very knowledgeable in their field, but just as important,?they?are honest.?Their staff?will always do?their best to solve any IT problem that you may experience, and the company will not sell you something that they really feel you don't need. That means a lot to me. When I want an honest assessment of something that is not my specialty, I'll call Medina Networks for help. I don't need someone to sell me something so I can fatten their wallet. I need help with a real problem. That's where?Medina Networks?excels "

Billy Clausen
President, American Dream Holdings Corp

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A full-service medical billing company

To paraphrase George Orwell, all outsourced medical billing companies are not created equal. Some are created more equal than others.

Take follow-ups, for example. Following up quickly and assertively is one of the most important services any medical billing firm can offer. Practices like yours can easily lose thousands - millions?- of dollars when follow-up is not done accurately and properly. Yet due to the complexity of the claims process, all too often, aggressive follow-up is not done.

By switching to MedIT, you gain access to a dedicated follow-up staff that is trained and experienced in all aspects of problem resolution. With our unmatched knowledge of medical billing and coding combined with the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use technology, we do everything in our power to get paid quickly without any of the hassle. Our goal is not 80% or 90% claims recovery - it's 100%. Count on it!