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Having trouble with your computer?
No idea how to troubleshoot the malfunction?
Do you need data access NOW in order to beat a deadline?
Breathe easy knowing that you have ACCESS to a Computer Support Specialist in a FLASH!

Need Support ?

Nothing can be more daunting and stressful than a computer breakdown just when you need it most.  Unless you are a techie yourself, you probably have NO IDEA on how to deal with it and who to turn to for HELP.  Don’t worry, because with Medina Networks Technologies, all your computer problems can be settled in a flash.  All that you have to do is go to this website and chat with one of our trusted and experienced Computer Support Technicians, follow their lead and you will have that stubborn computer working in no time at all.

So why not just call your computer provider for help?  Well, that would probably work but it takes FOREVER for someone to really help you due to the many calls that they have to answer.  However, by choosing to CHAT with our Computer Support Technicians, you can have that computer of yours up and running in a snap.

So how does Medina Networks Technologies CHAT SUPPORT work?  Simple.  Just determine how long you would need to chat with our Computer Support Technician and click on it on the main page.  You have several choices regarding the length of time that you will chat – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours.  Naturally, the prices would change depending on your choice.

Now if you need the Computer Support Specialist to tweak your computer himself, no problem!  All that he needs to do is to remotely access your computer and voila, the trouble is over and you can once again use your computer normally.

Why is CHATTING with a computer support specialist the way to go?

  • Access to a computer support specialist is FASTER

Why dial customer support when you know for a fact that you will be placed on hold for a very long time until you are sick and tired of waiting?  With Medina Networks Technologies, you can talk to a professional with just a simple click of a mouse.

  • Access to a computer support specialist is more EFFICIENT

You get help only from professionals who know exactly what to do with your computer probem so that troubleshooting will only take a small amount of time.

  • Access to a computer support specialist is CONVENIENT

No more stressful phone calls or waiting for days till you have time to bring your laptop to a place where it can be fixed.  All you have to do is go online, enter the website and all your questions will be answered in a flash.

  • Access to a computer support specialist means INSTANT FILE ACCESS

If you need files from your computer because of an urgent meeting then you can get instant access to them thanks to the efficiency of Medina Network Technologies.

CLICK ON YOUR CHOICE NOW and get immediate assistance for your IT needs!

And the next time an emergency comes up, it's good to know that your expert Medinanet troube-shooter is just a touch of a button away!

Instant Support Options

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15 minutes $16.25

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30 minutes $32.00

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1 hour $60.00

Click here to talk to us

2 hour $119.00

Click here to talk to us

3 hour $175.00
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